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mathCollection is a Java package representing a consistent and efficient extension to the Java Collection Framework of JDK 1.4 that adds the handling of mathematical sets, sets of sets and multisets (bags). There is also a special class for mathematical sets of integer values. Mathematical sets implement usual mathematical functions for sets in an non-destructive way, sets of sets have sets as elements and multisets count the frequency of each element in the collection. For more information, look at the documentation of the package.

The package was included in the Java Bug Database under Bug Id 4938537.

Information about the project und the possibility for download are available under

Evolutionary history

The package was developed in a project at the Institut für Intelligente Systeme of the Universität Stuttgart by the following persons: Since version 1.3, the software is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Download and contact

The releases, especially the actual stable version, is available under

The actual developer version can be downloaded from the subversion repository with a subversion client under the URL This can be done with the following command: svn checkout mathcollection-code

The subversion repository can also be browsed by a web client under

Send bug reports (we think there are none), suggestions, additions and questions to Dietmar Lippold: dlippold at

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